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Interview with Linda Hilburn Author of Kismet Knight, Vampire Psychologist series

Last week I had the pleasure of interviewing Linda Hilburn, paranormal fiction author, but more important for us she writes about Vampires;) She is a outstanding writer!
For this interview I wanted to let Linda tell us more about her Kismet Knight series for those who may not know about Kimset, for those of us that do I asked a few just to see where Kismet may be going. Please check Linda's website and blog below.

Bbpr-Who is Lynda Hilburn, can you give us a little about you outside of your writing?

Linda Hilburn-I make most of my living as a licensed psychotherapist and certified clinical hypnotherapist. I enjoy my counseling work, although it can be challenging and exhausting! I work full time at a local community mental health center in Denver. I also sing professionally whenever I can and I offer workshops and presentations about all sorts of things. I have lots of interests and I try to allow myself time to do all of them. Finding time for writing is sometimes difficult, but I really miss it if I don't do it regularly. I usually spend a good portion of the weekends in front of my computer, trying to figure out what Kismet wants to do next in her adventures.

BbPR-Who or what was your inspiration for writing such a dark violent sexual Vampire series?

Linda Hilburn-I have to smile. I guess I never thought of my books that way, but I guess they are dark, violent and sexual! I just wrote what I like to read and that's the way they came out! I always intended that my vampires would be the types that weren't shamed or guilty about being vampires. They like it. I guess that makes a big difference in the tone of the story.

BbPNR-For those who have never read Kismet Knight series, can you give them a little peek?
Linda Hilburn-Here are blurbs for each book:


Denver Psychologist Kismet Knight just wants a little excitement in her life. A little publishing fame and fortune. She doesn’t believe in the paranormal. Especially not comic book children of the night. But when a new client pulls Kismet into the vampire underworld, and introduces her to gorgeous Devereux -- who claims to be an 800-year-old vampire -- Kismet finds herself up to her neck in the undead. Not to mention all the other bizarre creatures crawling out of Denver’s supernatural Pandora’s Box. And if being attracted to a man who thinks he’s an ancient bloodsucker isn’t bad enough, someone -- or something -- is leaving a trail of blood-drained dead bodies. Enter handsome FBI profiler Alan Stevens, who warns her that vampires are very real and that one is a murderer. A murderer who is after her. In the midst of it all, Kismet realizes she has feelings for both the vampire and the profiler. But though she cares for each of the men, the reality that vampires exist is enough of a challenge . . . for now.


Denver Psychologist Kismet Knight counsels vampires. Her life changed forever when she discovered a preternatural underworld, met Devereux, the powerful leader of a vampire coven, and was forced to rethink her notions of “reality.”

Still adjusting to her new role as an expert on all things paranormal, she schedules what she believes is simply another radio interview. She couldn’t be more mistaken. Not only does the radio host behave very strangely, but an ominous, on-air call from day-walking vampire Lyren Hallow turns Kismet’s world upside-down -- again.

Shortly thereafter, Maxie Westhaven, a tabloid newspaper reporter in search of a juicy story, befriends Kismet, leading her into a bizarre world of role players, lost souls and death. Enter Victoria Essex, Devereux’s building manager and resident witch, who discloses a startling secret of her own.

Meanwhile, Luna, Devereux’s hostile femme fatal personal assistant, recognizes a perfect opportunity to throw a wrench into her boss’s blossoming relationship with the human psychologist, and, to complicate matters further, Kismet’s old boyfriend, self-absorbed Psychologist Tom Radcliffe, shows up with his own outlandish request.

BbPNR-Devereux is a very dangerous sexy vampire, can you give those who have never read about him a peek into his mind.

Linda Hilbrun-Devereux is an 800-year-old immortal. His ancestry is Druid and he comes from the same line as the wizard Merlin. He was a talented magician and seer before he became a vampire, and all his abilities became magnified with the change. He has used his long life to acquire wisdom and knowledge. He had a vision of Kismet hundreds of years before he met her, and he believes she holds the key to his destiny. He is gorgeous and sexy, but he can also be stubborn and arrogant. But then, if you were a gorgeous, brilliant vampire, wouldn't you be, too?

BbPRN-Do you have a favorite character between the two books? If so who and why?

Linda Hilburn-Kismet is my favorite character. She is a thinly disguised version of me and I get to act out all my dreams and desires through her. What could be better than being surrounded by gorgeous males with enhanced libidos and amazing abilities? She gets to have all the fun!

BbPNR- In both The Vampire Shrink and Dark Harvest, Kismet was in between two men/vampires. Will we see the same in the third book?

Linda Hilbyrn-In the third book, BLOOD THERAPY, Kismet has to deal with an unpleasant surprise involving Devereux. I'm never sure which characters might make a return appearance in any particular book, but, so far, it doesn't seem that there is another man in the picture. But perhaps there is another woman in Devereux's life . . .

BbPNR-How much of Lynda did you put in Kismet?
Linda Hilburn-She is totally a dream version of me! She is thinner, prettier, younger, sexier and she has way more fun than I do! She gets to do all the things I fantasize about, while hanging out with incredible men. It just doesn't get any better than that!

BbPNR- I loved Dark Harvest. In it Hallow made a great dark evil villain as a vampire, can you give those who have not read the series a peek of him?

Linda Hilburn-Hallow is the oldest vampire on earth. He's older than even Devereux can imagine. But, unfortunately, being that old has begun to distort his clever mind. He appears very handsome and appealing. He has something that attracts women to him. He tells Kismet that he has come to "harvest" someone she knows. But the situation turns out to be much more complicated and horrifying than that. While he's thoroughly terrible, there is something almost irresistible about the demented bloodsucker.

BbPNR- For those like me that is anxiously waiting for the third book, can you let us in on a little on how its going?

Linda Hilburn-Since I work full-time, it's taking me a little longer to get this book written. But I promise I'm plugging away at it! I should be able to finish the first draft by summer. After that, I'll have to sell it. So, keep your fingers crossed for me!

Thank you so much for having me on your blog and for asking me such great questions. I will keep my blog updated with the latest news:

Also, I created a Kindle version of a novella I wrote under my pen name: Undead in the City. Readers can find it on Just search for my name.
Linda's website

Thank you Linda!!!

I will defiantly be keeping my fingers crossed, I need that next Kismet book......

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