Monday, March 15, 2010

Book Review

I want to thank Sherri for giving me the chance to read and review her book "After the Fall of Night."

After the Fall of Night
Author: Sherri Lee Claytor
Format: ebook

Description from back of book:

Jackson County, Wisconsin was a tranquil area of the globe, until murder struck the small community. The local sheriff investigates and begins unearthing things he never imagined possible.

An immortal shape-shifter...

Nightwalker, Corin von Vadim, inhabits a secluded sprawling estate in the town of Hixton. An enigmatic loner, he hides the fact that during the daylight hours, he rests within the dark confines of the earth, only rising after twilight--a routine he has carried out for five hundred years. Unnerved by the arrival of a sinister newcomer, with the help of two allies--a mortal and an otherworldly daywalker--he is forced to protect his home from invading evil.

She is mortal...

Angelique Jaffler--a dark-haired beauty drawn to the night--has captured Corin's heart. But can she accept his supernatural world where shape-shifiting immortals are not myth, but reality? And when she becomes a pawn in the sordid game of a rival, will Corin be able to save her from the monster's deadly clutches? Beware the setting of the sun and listen for the call of the wild wolf crying out its warning of immortal presence. You see, this is their time--after the fall of night.

My review:

Corin is a Nightwalker that has lived 500 years by keeping to himself. Over the years, he has allowed only a few humans close enough to his life to really know him. Angelique and her brother Tomes are his neighbors but have never really gotten to know him since he (supposedly) just arrived in town a month ago as the heir to his uncle Victor Von Vadim.

Corin meets Tomes in a cemetery after Tomes has just buried his wife who was killed by a serial killer attack and drained of all her blood. Tomes is against Corin from the beginning, believing he is responsible for his wife's death because he believes, after much research, that Corin is a vampire. Once Corin convinces him that he isn't the killer, the two men form an alliance to find the real killer. Throughout the book we see Corin meeting Angelique and revealing through his memories and her own how they have each been affected by the other for many years. Angelique doesn't know Corin's secret of being a Nightwalker but Tomes, of course, does. He is totally against the relationship between his sister and Corin and out of respect for Tomes; Corin tries to keep distance from Angelique. Angelique though, is not having it.
With Corin and Tomes working together and Sheriff Pierson breathing down their backs they have little time to solve the mystery before Corin is arrested as the killer. Marshall Jordon Black becomes unexpectedly involved after showing up in the small town claiming he has been following the killer for over two years. Before or after Sheriff Pierson arrives at a crime scene he is there, but what exactly his story is brings an interesting twist to the ending.
The book is mystery and romance combined. The strength of the book is the mystery and what I liked about this story was that we, as readers, knew the mystery, so I was free to enjoy the romance without wanting to rush through to the end. There were a few scenes that had me wondering how they fell into the story-line, but as soon as I hit that spot the next page made up for it! I chalk that up to a newly published writer learning her skill!!

She left an opening for the next book so I can't wait to see what she has planned for Sheriff Pierson or Marshall Black. I’m looking forward to reading what’s next for her vampires!

Check out her interview if you haven't already and if you would like to purchase a copy of the book click here. See what Sherri Claytor is about!!

Happy readings!

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