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Review of Night of the Huntress by Kathryn Smith

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Paranormal Romance - Vampires


Another great read. There wasn't the emotional sadnes/happiness that brings you to tears that I was looking for as in the first book in this Brotherhood of Blood Series but the story was good and kept my interest.

Bishop (Vampire) and Marika's (Vampire Huntress) desire for each other was very exciting. I found it neat how they both had an obsession for vengeance for their enemies even though their enemies "Monsters" was a description to the individual that was evil. In this case, Bishop wanted vengeance for the humans that killed his kind just for pure evilness and Marika wanted vengeance for being told that her mothers death was caused by a vampire "Saint" which in turn caused her to become half vampire and half human(dhampyr).

As the story goes on, Marika learns that everything she has been told and read about vampires was not true and especially learning that the vampire "Saint" that supposedly caused her mothers death and turning herself into a halfling was not true either. Reality and feelings start to change towards the vampire Bishop whom she thought was a monster and realized it was the humans who did not understand anything about vampires except that they were to be evil and that they had led her astray.

Bishop ends up helping Marika because it also helped himself in finding the disappearance of his friends son. Bishop helped Marika kill vampires that were killing the towns folk and once Bishop explained what type of vampires that were doing the evil killing she began to understand that their were evil vampires and good vampires like there was in humans who killed like they did. The worst of the vampires however was the "Nosferatu" - they were vampires that had become dissed and had deformed bodies that not only looked evil but if you got any of their blood on you or swallowed any of it, the blood would turn the vampire into the noseratu also.

The unfortunate event does happen however and during a raid, a nosferatu does get to Marika and forces her to drink his blood and now she is poisoned and Bishop and his friends Brother Molyneux and Marcus Grey searched for a cure to keep her from turning into the nosferatu.

Well they find the cure - Bishop must turn her into a whole vampire with his pure blood. He saves her life and they end up joining the search with Brother Molyneux and Marcus for Bishops friend Temple who has been captured by the Order of the Silver Palm.

Now that Mirika is a full vampire thanks to Bishop, they are happy and their venture begins.
I look forward to reading the next book in the series.


Book distribution
I enjoy carnal pleasures like any mortal man, but six hundred years of existence have taught me loss. Best to stay away from people and save myself the heartache. Then I arrive at the notorious London brothel Maison Rouge, and my life, such as it is, will never be the same again.

Ivy Dearing, daughter of the infamous Madam, has requested my assistance. Two of her friends have been murdered, and she is determined to find their killer. I know better than to agree to help, yet Ivy is impossible to resist. No stranger to vampires, she has awakened desires within me that are as potent as my thirst for blood—desires that can only be satisfied by Ivy herself. But when there is another murder, it is all I can do to protect the woman I love from an evil more powerful than the undead . . .

book order
1.Be mine tonight
2.Night of the Huntress
3.Taken by the Night
4.Let the Night Begin
5.Night after Night

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