Sunday, March 21, 2010

Tis NOT the Season!

Oh, as the e-mails come in with a steady flow of sadness—“My book is just not selling!” I can clearly sympathize. In past, I have always been relieved that even during this “spring slow season” my books have been good sellers; not this year. Is it the economy or just lack of interest?

Traditionally, book sales slow just before Christmas and the drag typically continues through early spring. I can’t even begin to explain and pin-point a specific reason for this, it just “is what it is.” I think this year especially, we can blame it partially on economic causes. People just don’t have the money for books this year, and if they do, they are pinching it tight “just in case.” A poor economy scares everyone—even those financially well-off. They get the “what if?” attitude.

So my advice to authors is to hang in there and try to hold out until summer—don’t give up. Book sales come and go and so does a strong economy. Have faith.

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