Thursday, March 4, 2010

Stranger Than Fiction?

A comment on yesterday's post got me thinking:

Suzette Saxton said...
My son and I both have strange effects on electronic appliances, including computers. My laptop and I have a truce - I promise not to touch it when I am angry or upset. What's your mood/energy like when you are on these street cars?

LOL. Usually I'm not in the best mood, since I'm on my way to work. It does provide me with forty minutes of reading or writing time, though, which is nice.

Here's what I was thinking: Most people might think Suzette's laptop truce is weird, the stuff of fiction--until they examine their own life. Everyone's got some idiosyncrasy.

What's yours?

I'll go first. Okay not only can I still... wait. *grunt* *stretch* *groan* Awwright. Yeah STILL touch my elbows together behind my back, I also have a weird knack for being under timed streetlights just when they go off. Like, noticeably often, so that various people have commented on it.

Which is why I always thought I was a witch.

I'm obviously not, so I guess that's why I like to live vicariously through my characters, like Evie. ;)

Stranger than fiction.

(Oh, don't forget to stop by Roni's at Fiction Groupie for another Beta Club crit!)

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