Wednesday, March 3, 2010

WIP Wednesday: Revenge of the Streetcar

So I'm officially knee-deep in rewrites for EVANGELINE (and recovered from my cold just in time for a symphony chorus performance on Friday, lol) and finding it difficult to find time to write.

When I do sit down to do some plotting and typing--these are major plot changes, not just a line-edit I'm making myself crazy over--I get down a few hundred words before I'm second guessing myself, looking back over what I just wrote to make sure it's good enough. I keep having to remind myself that I'm not in full-on editing mode right now.

Technically, I'm drafting all new material for several whole chapters. So I need to treat it like the first draft dreck it is. ;) I need to stop sweating the words on the page and immerse myself in the world to the point where I just need to get the story out.

It's also been a little weird, turning my world upside-down like this, making these changes and acting like earlier versions don't exist. When the idea first came to me (on public transportation, which is where the best ideas seem to come from. Stuck for story ideas? Ride the bus sometime, lol), I wondered what it would be like if someone went back in time after finding a magic object on the streetcar.

In my desire to put certain plot elements into play sooner, I decided to nix the streetcar completely, having the main character go back in a different place. It's working pretty well so far for the story, but each little change is leading to more and more revisions.

The problem is... the streetcar seems to be taking it personally.

Every time I get on the streetcar lately, either something happens to my car, or the one in front of me, or the electricity goes off the line, or the seat I'm in is broken...

But I'm holding my own. Screw you, streetcar! I'm not putting you back in the novel.

Bring it on!

Anyone else fighting with any inanimate objects lately? ;)

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